Heaven’s 9-1-1 Operator


Heaven’s 9-1-1 Operator:    “Hello, you’ve reached 9-1-1 what is your emergency?”

Prayer:   “My name is Prayer and I’d like to say, Good morning to the Chief.

I’d like to tell Him what an awesome job He is doing and thank Him for always answering and sending help when I call.

I want to tell Him that without Him I would be in trouble and that I would have no hope. I want to tell Him that because He sent His son to rescue me, and help me out of a pit of despair and disaster, that I want to do the same for others.

I’m ready to lay down my life to help rescue others. I’m available 24-7 all anyone has to do is call on Prayer. I will take their requests directly to the Chief.

I, Prayer, am not complicated. You don’t need a dictionary to figure me out. I can be as short as one word, “Help” or I can be as long as “Our Father Who Art in Heaven, Hallowed be Thy Name…” In fact the simpler you ask, the better. I can be used in any situation and any place. I’m not prideful or deceitful…I don’t come in my name. I’m not prejudice or racial. I am here for anyone, anytime. All you have to do is speak or even whisper, sometimes just a thought from the heart and I’m ready to take you to the Chief of Heaven. When your heart is humble and honest the Chief will hear and will answer. Sometimes instantly and sometimes it’s years before you get a response but that’s because He knows best.

Heaven’s 9-1-1 Operator. My emergency is this. Many do not use Prayer anymore. Many have never even heard of Prayer. Many are afraid or feel awkward in Prayer. So I’d like you to tell them it’s OK to use Prayer. Prayer is not complicated; they don’t need to feel uncomfortable about Prayer. I am their friend.

Prayer is here to take them to the Chief of Heaven and present their request so that they can have peace and an intimate relationship with the Chief. In fact He created Prayer for that purpose.

Now, thank you for hearing Prayer’s request.”

Heaven’s 9-1-1 Operator:  “Prayer, the Chief has heard your emergency call and He is answering immediately. He wants everyone to use you!”

Marla Shaw O’Neill – June 28, 2016